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We carry many styles and models of hook lift systems and have also designed installed a large number of custom units to fit specific jobs. With this level of experience, you will have a hard time finding any other hooklift dealer in Massachusetts or New England with our capabilities.


Features and Benefits

  • The driver never has to leave the cab.
  • The operator may approach from any angle within a 60 degree radius.
  • Unload is completed in less than one minute from the time the operator shifted the truck.
  • Virtually maintenance free all season long.
  • It can be used with a container, a platform, or a dump body


Hook Lift System Servers Many Industries

There are savings in the cost of container/bed maintenance, because these don’t require insurance, tires, licenses, brakes or electrical systems. The dumping configuration is obtained when the jib is extended, by operating the arm cylinders which actuate the arm, the tilting rod and container, pivoting altogether about the rear shaft.

This system is designed to reduce the number of power units required for multi-task jobs.

In addition to the Waste industry, other industries that benefit from this system include:

Agriculture: one unit can pick up a flatbed to haul bales and others items, or a tank to carry liquids, or a container to haul grain.

Construction: one unit can pick up a tank to carry water, a container to haul waste or serve as a dump truck, or a flatbed to carry a backhoe or other equipment.

Fire-Fighting: one unit can quickly deploy or retrieve equipment, can drop pumpers and chemicals along the line, can haul a field hospital where needed, and haul equipment for fire-fighters.

Scrap Metal: one unit can pick up a loaded container and leave an empty one at the same plant location, can haul different capacity containers, and can place a container on or off a loading dock, and the driver never leaves the cab.


How It Works

The key word is “simple.” The operator backs the truck toward the container/platform. With in-cab mounted controls, the operator switches on the power take off,” lowers the hydraulic arm and engages the container/platform with the hook. He then activates the two main cylinders which pull the container onto the chassis and lock it into position. The operator then turns off the “power take off” and drives away.


Elapsed Time

Less than one minute from the time the operator shifted the truck into reverse. Ampliroll® has just one purpose: to help our customers pick up, drop off, transport, unload or dump containers or equipment safer and faster. And, that means larger profits!


Additional Benefits

  • Pulls trailers. One truck plus one driver plus two containers equals TWICE THE PAYLOAD!
  • The driver never leaves the cab… this increases productivity and is safer.
  • Dual main cylinders provide smooth, stable power-on, power-off capability, while the sliding jib allows for optimum weight distribution.
  • The operator can pick up or set down a container at dock heights, or load and unload a second container onto an Ampliroll® trailer.
  • Containers can be pushed and spotted more accurately, with little chance of damaging the front panel.
  • Truck alignment is not critical. The operator may approach from any angle within a 60° arc.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Once the container is loaded, it is supported throughout its length by the Ampliroll® sub frame.
  • With a container it’s a roll-off.
  • With a platform it’s a flatbed truck.
  • With a dump body it’s a dump truck.
  • With a recycling body it’s a recycler.
  • In the rare event parts are required, they can be expedited. Most parts are available in our warehouse, and can be delivered within 48 hours.